Health and Dental

Design a plan to meet your coverage needs

  • People without coverage through work

  • Comprehensive and affordable coverage

  • Simple, one-time health questionnaire

Guaranteed Acceptance Application

Automatic approval with no medical questionnaire required

  • People with pre-existing conditions

  • Basic coverage at an affordable price

  • No medical questionnaire

  • Guaranteed coverage

Dental Only

Affordable coverage when all you need is dental insurance

  • Only need coverage for dental

  • Increasing coverage over time

  • The only plan like it available

Group Conversion Application

Uninterrupted coverage when leaving an employer-sponsored group plan

  • Leaving employer-paid benefit plan

  • Overage dependents losing coverage

  • No medical questionnaire

  • No waiting period for claims

Group Retirement Application

Flexible retirement health plans with the most coverage

  • Retiring from an employer-paid plan

  • The most coverage for British Columbians

  • Flexibility to adjust your coverage

  • Guaranteed acceptance